Yellowknife's annual Roundup! Labour Day weekend, ​August 30-Sept 1. Northern United Place


Information about AA's "Meeting in Print" - or visit

Information about the book "12 steps and 12 traditions", nicknamed the "12X12"

"12 Steps and 12 traditions"

Literature - Now Available for Purchase from District 35


Sunday & Wednesday, 8:00 PM join the Spirit of the North online meeting. Click below for log-in details.


AA Meetings happen daily in Yellowknife, and this is where members meet to share their experience, strength and hope.  Through reading the steps, traditions and other literature, and discussing the disease of alcoholism and the solution suggested in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous", members work together to stay sober one day at a time.

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Do you or somebody you know have a problem with alcohol?
Call us, we can help!     (867) 444-4230 (speak directly to a member)

Information about the book "Alcoholics Anonymous", nicknamed the "Big Book"

"Alcoholics ANONYMOUS"

What are AA Meetings?