Our meetings run on the continued support from individuals in the group - people like you and me!

District 35 is now able to accept contributions via

E-transfer at district35aa@gmail.com

October 2020 District 35 Newsletter

📞 444-4230

Yellowknife NT

Do you or somebody you know suffer

from the struggle with alcohol?
Call us now. We can help!


Speak directly with a member.


The only requirement for membership

is a desire to stop drinking.

Come to a meeting with us today.

Call us now and we can help get you there.

When are AA Meetings?

What are they?

Meetings  are happening daily in Yellowknife. People of all walks of life meet together to share their experience, strength and hope. They speak about their problems with alcohol and how they used the 12 steps to achieve and maintain sobriety and recovery from alcoholism. We take an active role towards the solution suggested in the book "Alcoholics Anonymous." Members work together to stay sober one day at a time. Join us.

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