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District 35 members are asked to read and provide feedback through GSRs at February 11, 2023 meeting to discuss and potentially adopt our proposed Guidelines (downloadable PDF). 

Yellowknife NT

Our alt-DCM Charlotte is gathering responses to these three questions (also posted on YkRecovery) ahead of the Area Committee Meeting January 20-22, 2023.  

  1. How do we encourage participation in service? 
  2. What does “principles before personalities” mean in regard to service? 
  3. How do we welcome newcomers, and create an atmosphere that encourages them to come back?

Please provide your responses through your GSR to District before end of January. 

Next District 35 meeting February 11, 2023, location/time TBA, to discuss (and hopefully adopt) the Guidelines shown below. - Thank You!

District 35 

Area 78

Proposed Guidelines

December 2022






5.     VOTING

6.     FINANCE




  • DCM duties and responsibilities
  • Alternate DCM (ADCM) and duties and responsibilities
  • Past DCM duties and responsibilities
  • Treasurer duties and responsibilities
  • Secretary duties and responsibilities

10.       Service Committee duties and responsibilities

  • Service Committees
  • Public Information/Co-operation with the Professional Community Committee
  • Grapevine Committee
  • Archives Committee
  • Literature Committee
  • Remote Communities Committee
  • Telephone Coordinator
  • Webmaster

11.       Document Revision Log Motion Book

12.       Map of Area 78 Districts (Northwest Territories and Nunavut)


The name of this organization shall be District 35 – Area 78 Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

The geographical area is known as Yellowknife (as per map of District 35 at end of this document).

This organization is of perpetual duration.

District 35 is part of the General Service Structure established by The Conference Plan, sometimes known as the Third Legacy Plan, and confirmed by the Second International Convention of 1955 in St. Louis, Missouri.


The purpose of District 35 is to engage in General Service activities with the Conference structure guided by the Twelve Traditions of AA, the AA Service Manual and the Twelve Concepts for World Service.

The Primary Purpose of this district Committee is to:

  • carry the message of recovery from alcoholism to those who suffer from the disease,
  • promote fellowship and exchange of information between the Groups and their representatives,
  • provide and coordinate appropriate information about A. A. to specialists in the field of alcoholism and to the general public,
  • encourage participation of A.A. members in service work,
  • represent the Groups within the District in meetings of the area 78 Assembly,
  • assist in communication between Groups and General Service Office.

There is no authority except that expressed by the group conscience communicated to the General Service Representative (GSR) elected by the group. GSRs, in turn, communicate to the Area Conference through the District Committee Member (DCM). District 35 is a service only, never a government, for AA.

District 35 is a non-profit un-incorporated body.

District 35 is autonomous within its boundaries having no authority over any other district. District 35 is not subservient to any other District in the area.


District 35 membership shall be composed of General Service Representatives and their Alternates, elected by the AA groups which are located within District 35.

District 35 is also composed of District Committee Members and Service Committee Chairpersons elected by District 35 membership to Service Committee positions.

The Past DCM is also included as a member of District Committee with voting rights.

Any District Committee Member, Office or Elected Service Committee Chairperson, with 3 consecutive un-excused absences from the District business meeting, will be requested to resign their position.


Elections by the District 35 membership occur in odd number of years to align with Area rotation.

Elected officers consist of District Committee Member (DCM), Alternate District Committee Member (ADCM), Treasurer, and Secretary.

Elections will be by simple majority vote.

District Officers and Service Committee Chairpersons and Positions are a two (2) year term.

Unscheduled vacant positions will be filled by special membership election at the District business meeting under the category of New Business.

Elected Service Committee Chairpersons include:

  • Grapevine
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community and Public Information (CPC/PI), and
  • Corrections.

Appointed Service Committee Positions by Table Officers include:

  • Archivist Chair
  • Remote Community Committee Chair, and
  • Literature Chair. 

Appointed positions are open terms; however, District 35 encourages the principle of rotation.

5.    VOTING

Each group represented by a GSR has one vote. Alternates vote only in the absence of the GSR.

No proxy or absentee votes are permitted in District meetings.

Each Table Officer and Committee Elected Chair has one vote.

(DCM or Alt DCM/Secretary/Treasurer/Past DCM/GSR or Alt GSR)

Chairperson only votes to break a tie.

A person holding more than one service position only has one vote.


District 35 is self-supporting through the voluntary contributions of its participating groups and by individual AA members.

District 35 will conduct an annual review of District Funds in January. 

The proposed budget for District 35 for an ensuing year will be presented and approved by the body in January of each year.

The prudent reserve shall be maintained at half the amount estimated to be District 35’s operating expenses for the year.

Any funds in excess of $1,000.00 after current expenses and maintenance of the Prudent Reserve will be distributed as follows: 

  • Area 78 (50%)
  • General Service Office (50%)

NOTE: Based on circumstances, District may revise these distributions based on an informed group conscience.

District 35 shall fund the DCM and two ACMs to attend two Assemblies each year, with consideration of a Travel Fund that District 35 can apply for.

Any monies needed by Committee Chairpersons beyond budgeted amounts are to be brought to the attention of the Finance Committee per Finance Committee procedures.


District 35 business meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at 8:15 PM, September through June. Any changes to this schedule will be by group conscience.

Rules in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the District 35 Committee.  Where applicable or inconsistent with these guidelines, the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholic Anonymous, the Twelve Concepts for World Service including the Warranties, and/or any special rules of order, may be adopted by the District 35 Committee.

Business Meeting format (Suggested):

  • DCM – Open meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Declaration of Unity.
  • Introductions
  • Concepts
  • Secretary – Last minutes, corrections to minutes, motion to accept.
  • Treasurer – Treasurer’s Report, corrections/questions, motion to accept.
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • DCM Report
  • Committee Reports
  • Group Reports
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment


Area 78 Conference will act for AA in the perpetuation and guidance of its World Service. It will also be the vehicle by which the AA movement can express its view upon all matters vital to AA policy and all hazardous deviations from AA Tradition.

DCMs, ADCMs, Service Committee Chairpersons and GSRs are encouraged to attend Area 78 Conference, Assemblies and business meetings to represent their groups and obtain material to coordinate service activities within District 35.


These positions are elected by the District term of two (2) years; except Past DCM, a term of one (1) year.

The DCM’s job is primarily that of two-way communication. DCM duties and responsibilities:

  • Attends all district meetings and area assemblies.
  • Receives reports from group GSRs and through frequent personal contact with groups in the district.
  • Holds regular meetings of all GSRs in the district.
  • Helps the Conference delegate cover the Area on a group-by-group basis.
  • Assists the delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet the deadline for A. A. directories.
  • Keeps GSRs informed regarding Conference activities. This includes setting up opportunities for the delegate’s Conference report, occasionally drafting and/or presenting it if the delegate cannot be present.
  • Invites the delegate to regular district meetings.
  • Makes sure that GSRs are acquainted with The A.A. Service Manual, the Twelve Concepts for World Service, the GSO bulletin Box 4-5-9, workbooks and guidelines from GSO, and other service material.
  • Helps GSRs create interesting reports for presentation to groups.
  • Encourages GSRs to include new A. A. members in service events.
  • Keeps groups informed about Conference-approved books and pamphlets.
  • Organizes workshops and/or sharing sessions on service activities.
  • Regularly keeps in touch with the alternate DCM and delegate.
  • Sends district minutes to the delegate and their alternate; and exchanges minutes with other districts.
  • Brings Traditions problems to the attention of the delegate.
  • Makes a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities of general service work.

Alternate DCM (ADCM) and duties and responsibilities:

  • The alternate is a backup for the DCM. If the DCM resigns, or is unable to serve for any reason, the alternate steps in.  Usually, the alternate is elected at the same time as the DCM, by the same procedure.  Alternate committee members should be encouraged to assist, participate and share in the DCM’s responsibilities at district and area meetings.

Past DCM duties and responsibilities:

  • A past DCM has a wealth of experience and corporate knowledge.
  • The term for this position is one (1) year.
  • This position has voting privileges.

Treasurer duties and responsibilities:

  • Receives and maintains all funds, depositing these in the designated District 35 bank (Chequing) account.
  • Bank Account is to have three signing officers and cheques are each to be signed by two current signatories.
  • Pays all approved District 35 expenses.
  • Prepares monthly cumulative written report of all receipts, expenses and prudent reserve for presentation at the District Business meeting.
  • Performs any other duties that may relate to the functions of the office.

Secretary duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepares minutes of each business meeting.
  • Distributes copies of minutes of each business meeting within the four-day period (e.g. Saturday following the Tuesday meeting) following the meeting to District 35 members.
  • Maintains additions, changes and updates to district officer committee member information.
  • Maintains additions, changes and updates to the Structures and Guidelines document.  A change log within the document is kept and made available.
  • Perform any other duties that may relate to the function of the office.

10. Service Committee duties and responsibilities

Service Committees:

  • Service committees are the lifeblood to service work within the District and are generally left to operate on their own to develop programs or scope of service, with limited support or guidance from the district.

  • Effectiveness depends on the commitment, enthusiasm, ability to inspire, and organizational ability of the committee members.

  • A rotating service committee chairperson ensures that the incumbent service committee chairperson receives the information necessary to effectively conduct their duties.

  • Service committees provide assistance to their appropriate Area coordinator in providing volunteers for display/information tables at AA events and/or non-AA professional conferences.

  • When the Chairperson for any of the following Committees is not a GSR that attends Area Assemblies, the Table Officers will appoint a GSR or DCM to represent and report back to the District on the Committee (in order of importance to the District):

Public Information/Co-operation with the Professional Community Committee:

  • Makes AA presentations to schools, police departments, and other professional or community organizations.
  • Places meeting schedules and AA literature in hospitals, medical office, libraries, government offices and other locations; with permission from each.
  • Forms the subcommittee for District 35 Website comprised of PI/CPC Chairperson, webmaster, and two others, to: oversee, review annually, implement and coordinate the District 35 Website Policies.
  • Provides Finance Committee with proposed Budget each November, and reports on materials on hand.
  • Engages in any other activities as outlined in PI (MG-07) and CPC Guidelines (MG-11).

Grapevine Committee: 

  • Encourages increased subscriptions and use of the Grapevine magazine.
  • Places copies of the Grapevine in medical office, treatment facilities, prisons, and libraries.
  • Provides Grapevine materials to the Groups and Committees in District 35.
  • Maintains a $750 float.

Archives Committee:

  • Assimilates and retains District history. 
  • The Archivist maintains and preserves the District archives which includes all past Minutes, Treasurer reports, office and committee chairperson material, and any material pertinent to the history of District 35.

Literature Committee:

  • Informs groups, districts, or assembly members through displays or other suitable methods, of all available Conference Approved Literature, audio visual material or other special items.
  • Provides literature and Conference-Approved publications to the Groups and Committees in District 35 from a float of $TBD.

Remote Communities Committee:

  • Encourages AA member to perform service that helps to bring remote communities into mainstream AA.
  • Provides assistance to Area 78 Remote Communities Committee.
  • Committee members participate in other regional service events.

Telephone Coordinator:

  • Maintains list of District 35 meeting places and times on our voicemail service.
  • Contacts six members for each two-month period and rotates the names every two weeks.
  • Supplies persons on phone messaging with a list of members for 12 Steps calls.


  • Maintains the District Internet Website, which carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by providing resources for alcoholics to get information about activities and business of and within District 35.
  • Ensures District Website Policies are followed.
  • Coordinates with PI/CPC Committee to ensure current information is listed on the website; and present any concerns or issues to be addressed.

11. Document Revision Log Motion Book

12. Map of Area 78 Districts (Northwest Territories and Nunavut)