Open versus Closed, what does this mean?
   (O) Open Meeting – anyone is welcome;
   (C) Closed Meeting – limited to persons who have
                                  a desire to stop drinking.

​​​​​​​​​District 35 Committee Meeting

    8:15pm - First Monday of every month 
    (unless otherwise announced) following the Vision of Hope meeting

    Northern United Place (5403 Franklin Avenue), Room 205

📞 (867) 444-4230

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Suggested Meeting Readings

Yellowknife NT



  8:00pm - Rainbow Valley Group (O)

     Northern United Place (5403 Franklin Avenue)


  7:00pm  Vision of Hope (O)

      Northern United Place (5403 Franklin Avenue), Room 205


  7:00pm -Young Peeps (O)

     Northern United Place (5403 Franklin Avenue), Room 205

  8:00pm - Explorer Steps & Tradition Group (C*)

    Northern United Place (5403 Franklin Avenue), Auditorium 

    *(Open for Birthdays)


  12:10pm Brown Baggers Group (C*)

     Elks Lodge (4919 49 Street), Basement

     *(Open for Birthdays)

  7:30pm -Big Book Rejuvenation Group (O)0

     Anglican Church (4909 52 Street), Basement


  6:00pm - Sit Down and Shut Up, Meditation Meeting (C)

    Cornerstone Pentecostal Church (118 Haener Drive)

  8:00pm -Must Change Group (O)

     On ZOOM: Meeting ID: 886 9775 2200   Passcode:  billw


  12:10pm - TGIF Group (O)
     Elks Lodge
(4919 49 Street), Basement 

  6:30pm - Friday FRIday FRIDAY (O)

     District 35 Speaker and Discussion Meeting     
 Meeting ID: 856 0897 9057  Passcode: billw

  7:30pm -  Hope on the Rocks Group (C*)

     Northern United Place (5403 Franklin Avenue), Auditorium

     *(Open last Friday of each month)

  10:00am Eye Opener Group (O)
     Co-Cathedral, St. Patrick's Parish (
5206-52nd Street)
  7:30pm -Polaris Group (C*)

     Anglican Church (4909 52 Street), Basement

     *(Open last Saturday of each month)    ​​